Wagamama Kifissia is the first and only stand-alone restaurant in the franchise’s global presence. Situated in one of the most visited streets of the Northern suburbs of Athens, Wagamama Kifissia’s high windows and handmade wall origami make it one of the most memorable buildings in the area.


PHC Franchised Restaurants Public ltd


Solve restrictive building regulations and long-term urban planning overlap with surrounding properties, building reconstruction following aftermath of 1999 earthquake, maximize building coefficient, integrate with local architectural design, while abiding by strict brand design specifications and requirements.

Services provided:

Property Use Licensing – Restaurant Use Licensing – Architectural Design – Interior Design – Custom Wall Design – Tendering – Construction & Reconstruction– Contractor Selection –  Contractor Management –  Onsite Supervision


The only Wagamama restaurant of the 149 existing Wagamama restaurants in 18 countries that features a custom-designed, origami wall element, thus redefining the 35+ year brand design specifications.

The Wagamama Kifissia is the first stand – alone Wagamama restaurant in Greece, as well as, the most upgraded restaurant in Greece and Cyprus.