ink Engineers have extensive knowledge of building regulations, as well as, understanding of regional restrictions and the domestic legal framework. Our experienced engineers will oversee the issuance of building permits;

Tackle previous owners’ illegal building activity, ensure property energy performance and diligently keep records for any future building needs.  

To perform any sort of construction work, property owners must receive a building permit from the competent planning agency. This permit is necessary in order to accomplish everything from erecting a new structure to changing a structure’s use purpose to merely repairing structural aspects of a building. For the building permit to be issued, a variety of other paperwork and complimentary permits must also be issued These parameters differ from property to property and often can cause major delays to projects, if not stall them indefinitely.

ink engineers’ breadth of project types, combined with a problem-solving mentality, have both enhanced our ability to navigate through extremely complicated bureaucratic processes, most important of which is the interpretation of frequently changing legislation. Thus, seamlessly planning and preparing all necessary records and reports in order to expedite procedures for the successful licensing of all forms of business types and sizes.